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DUI Defense Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee

DUI Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee

If you’re facing DUI charges in Tennessee, the severity of your sentencing and penalties will depend on your blood alcohol concentration, your age, and whether this is your first offense. The blood alcohol limit is 0.08 in Tennessee. If you are younger than 21 years, or a truck driver with a CDL license, Tennessee's blood alcohol concentration limits are much lower.

A first-time DUI conviction in Tennessee can result in up to one year in jail, fines up to $2500, license suspension up to one year, and required use of an ignition interlock device. An ignition interlock device is placed in your vehicle and requires you to submit to a breath test each and every time you drive. If you’re found guilty of a DUI, the conviction can impact your life in many ways. You’ll have a criminal record, may lose your right to drive, and can face difficulty getting jobs.In addition, your insurance rates will skyrocket.

If you’re facing drunk driving charges, a DUI lawyer may be able to assist you. While Tennessee laws make it difficult to refuse to submit to a chemical test, a DUI lawyer can use a range of defenses to protect your rights. Muldavin Law Firm, offers qualified DUI representation to individuals facing charges in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Best DUI Defenses in Memphis, Tennessee

Facing arrest for a DUI in Memphis, Tennessee doesn’t necessarily automatically mean that you’ll be convicted for a DUI. A DUI defense lawyer can use a range of defenses to protect you. Every case is unique and your lawyer will review your case and determine the best path forward. Tennessee is an implied consent state, meaning that refusing to submit to a chemical test if you’ve arrested can result in automatic license suspension for up to one year, and the fact that you refused may be used against you in court.

Failure to Follow Legal Procedure: Officers must have cause to stop you in the first place. If the officer didn’t have a legal reason to pull you over, any subsequent evidence found against you may be found inadmissible. Even if your breath test found you were drinking and driving, your case may be dropped if the arresting officer failed to follow proper legal procedures during his investigation. Your DUI lawyer will review all evidence against you and your officer’s reasons for pulling you over. Small details matter. For instance, properly administer a field sobriety test can result in the case being dropped.

Botched Chemical Tests: Devices used to test you must be in working order and the tests must be properly administered. Waiting times between the time of your arrest and the time of the test may also impact your BAC levels and therefore, the legitimacy of the test.

Field Sobriety Tests: Many field sobriety tests are subjective. Other factors can also impact the outcome of a field sobriety test. For instance, certain medications can result in bloodshot eyes or difficulty completing coordination tasks. Some medical conditions can also result in an individual failing a field sobriety test. If the only evidence an officer has against you is a field sobriety test, your DUI lawyer can review test results and evaluate how your officer administered the test. Many officers aren’t properly trained to administer tests and when their results were studied, many false positive identifications were reported.

If you’re facing DUI charges, an attorney in Memphis, Tennessee may be able to help you. Muldavin Law Firm, works closely with clients to help them build the strongest possible case. When your reputation, your freedom, and your future is on the line, you need Muldavin Law Firm.

DUI Laws Tennessee

The most important DUI laws that will impact your case are implied consent, BAC limits, and laws governing your arresting officer’s actions. All these laws, in concert, will impact your case. Implied consent laws require you to submit to a chemical test if you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving. Yet, in order for an officer to arrest you, he or she must have legal cause to stop you and charge you. Finally, if you are tested, your actual BAC levels will impact your case. If your BAC is below 0.08 and you are over 21 years of age, officers will have to prove that you were unfit to drive. A DUI lawyer can look at your case and apply applicable DUI laws to determine the best course forward. Muldavin Law Firm, may be able to assist you if you’re facing criminal charges.

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Mistakes happen. While drinking and driving is dangerous, sometimes it can be hard to make the right call in the moment. Being charged with drinking and driving doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll face conviction. In some cases, individuals can make a satisfactory plea deal, or with the help of a DUI defense lawyer, they can have their charges dropped entirely.

Muldavin Law Firm, will review your case to determine the best path forward. We understand that one solution won’t work in all cases, so we tailor our representation to your unique circumstances. A DUI conviction can alter your life forever. With so much on the line, you need a Memphis, Tennessee DUI attorney working for you.